• What’s So Great About Piano Lessons?

    Most of us enjoy music! There are soooo many different styles—something for everyone, right? It’s a natural instinct, shared by ...

Benefits of Piano Lessons

One question I ask new students is, “Why do you want to study piano?” What do you suppose they usually answer? “Because it’s fun.”  Well, that’s nice to hear, but it tells me they probably need a little bit of help to understand what some of the real benefits will be—if they keep practicing and […]

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Piano Talk

My 1926 Steinway “M” Grand was completely rebuilt in 2007 by Classic Pianos of Portland. It is a very special piano. You will love its rich tone, rapid action, and wide expressive range. We also sometimes use my Yamaha Clavinova for variety and fun with digital music. A beginning piano student may use a digital keyboard for the first 6 months […]

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