Benefits of Piano Lessons

One question I ask new students is, “Why do you want to study piano?”

What do you suppose they usually answer? “Because it’s fun.” 

Well, that’s nice to hear, but it tells me they probably need a little bit of help to understand what some of the real benefits will be—if they keep practicing and demonstrate commitment.

With Piano Lessons, I will  . . .

  • Learn to express my feelings creatively through a beautiful instrument.
  • Become more skillful and artistic every year.
  • Gain self-confidence and poise.
  • Learn a little Italian, as well as how to read music.
  • Increase my problem-solving and organizational skills.
  • Get to share my favorite music with family and friends.
  • Meet a lot of other motivated, passionate students.
  • Impress my friends.
  • Improve my memory and focus.
  • Stimulate my brain.
  • Develop persistence.
  • Experience success!

In upcoming blogs I will discuss each of these in depth.

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