Piano Talk

baby-grand-model-sMy 1926 Steinway “M” Grand was completely rebuilt in 2007 by Classic Pianos of Portland. It is a very special piano. You will love its rich tone, rapid action, and wide expressive range. We also sometimes use my Yamaha Clavinova for variety and fun with digital music.

A beginning piano student may use a digital keyboard for the first 6 months or so, but if one plans to learn piano, then an actual acoustic piano will soon be necessary. Alternatively, a digital, 88-key piano with weighted hammer action will suffice.

Please ask me for advice anytime on where and how to go about choosing the right piano for your needs. There are many affordable options, but pianos vary greatly in quality, so it is best to have some knowledge of what to look for. I am always happy to assist families in choosing a piano for their child.

Brandon_GRAND-PIANO-auction-2012wThis dad and I had a great time

checking out 
a local piano auction.

His daughter was thrilled
when a lovely old baby grand
arrived a few days later! 


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