Friend of Music Piano Studio Policies

Dear students and parents,

Hello and welcome to my piano studio!

This year will be full of fun musical events and new opportunities
to learn more about music and the piano.

I am committed to keeping lessons fun, focused and encouraging.
To help make the year run smoothly, please read the following:


Payable in equal monthly amounts, based on 40 lessons per year

  • Payment is due at the first lesson each month, September through June.
  • These 10 equal monthly payments cover all your lessons, Sept. 6 thru July mid-July.
  • Students enrolling are making a commitment for the entire piano year.
  • No lessons Christmas Vacation, Spring Break & Major Holidays.
  • Lessons as usual on all Teacher Work Days & Furlough Days. Plan for this!
  • Please refer to our Studio Calendar for exact details.


  • 45-min. Lessons  $ 35 / week up to level 3.
  • Hour Lessons  $ 45 / week for youth Level 4 & above, and Adults, all levels.
  • More advanced music requires more detailed preparation.


  • Payment for each month is due in full at the first lesson of the month.
  • A $10 late fee is charged for payments made after the 10th.
  • Tuition stated above is a *flat rate for each month.
  • Lesson rates do not fluctuate* with the number of weeks in a month.
  • Lessons per month vary between 2 – 5, but usually there are 4.

Cancellations, Missed Lessons & Make-up Lessons

  • One make-up per season may be taken during “Make-up Days” only for lessons missed due to illness/injury/emergency, and when notice is given by 9 a.m.
  • Lessons missed for any other reason are forfeited.*
  • Homework, tests, parties, etc., are not valid reasons for a make-up lesson.
  • If the teacher must cancel a lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled.
  • If you need to cancel, please phone, email or text by 9 a.m.
  • Tuition will not be refunded for missed lessons.

Make-up Lessons

  • Specific make-up days* will be scheduled each season: Fall, Winter, & Spring.
  • One make-up lesson* per student per season is allowed, for above-mentioned reasons only, and must be taken on one of the scheduled “studio make-up days”.

NEW—Group Lessons

  • These encourage musical collaboration and provide opportunities for informal class coaching, relaxed performances, music games and fun! 
  • One week in each piano term (Fall—Winter—Spring) will be group lessons instead of private lessons for that week. Students may choose to attend on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Group lessons will be from 4:45—6:00 pm (75 minutes).


  • We celebrate our progress together twice a year: in December, and in late May or early June. Students are encouraged to memorize their repertoire for recitals. Recitals, held in a local piano store’s Recital Hall, are a great opportunity to demonstrate accomplishments in a supportive environment.
  • Other informal recitals may be held, as well as a Saturday Piano Party, and a possible community service recital where students may participate if they so desire. TBA.
  • Practice Requirement: All students are required to practice a minimum of five days a week for the time suggested on our practice guide, according to their level of advancement. When preparing for a recital or competition, extra practice time may needed.

Lesson Observation

  • Parents, you are always welcome to observe your children’s lessons. Students benefit from parental involvement and can be better guided at home during practice time if a parent has observed the lesson. Parents of children under the age of ten are strongly encouraged to observe weekly lessons.
  • Please be considerate of teacher and student by reserving comments or judgment during the lesson. And parents, if you have questions about the assignments, please ask me!
  • PHONE CALLS need to be taken outside, so as not to distract the student’s attention.
  • Siblings may attend if under close supervision, and if they are not a distraction.

Student Responsibilities

Students are required to arrive promptly for lessons with all musical materials and assignment book; prepare for lessons with daily practice; put forth their best effort during lessons and practice; pay tuition promptly; and pay for assigned music and materials in a timely manner. Printed sheet music should be hole-punched and put in a binder.


  • I will assign appropriate music books, workbooks and, occasionally, sheet music, which will need to be paid for the following week after the student receives it.
  • A well-tuned acoustic piano in good condition, or an 88–key digital piano with weighted keys, must be available for daily practice.

Piano Festivals & Competitions

  • I support and encourage students who are interested in musical competitions, such as local or state OMTA Festivals, Talent Shows,  etc., to play in these when possible.
  • Students desiring to compete may enroll in festivals if they are well prepared.
  • I do not require students to participate in competitions.
  • OMTA Festivals are opportunities to accumulate points and earn trophies!
  • Trophies earned are handed out at our Spring Recital. Every 10 (OMTA) performances earns a trophy!

I am excited to begin working together to make beautiful music, and I hope you are too!

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