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What’s So Great About Piano Lessons?


Most of us enjoy music! There are soooo many different styles—something for everyone, right?

It’s a natural instinct, shared by every culture under the sun, to want to make your own music, too. So besides imitation, or random efforts, how can we get good at making music?

In school, one of the main goals in Kindergarten and First Grade is to learn how to read. Learning how to put our language into writing, as well as learning how to decode the written word into sounds and what they mean (comprehension).

Just as language has both aural (sound) and written (silent) systems, so does music! There is, therefore, a huge connection between the skills of

  • reading, writing and speaking a language, and
  • our ability to both enjoy the music we are hearing and to read music and play it.

When practicing an instrument, our brain is processing dozens of things all at once, and we are learning to recognize very fundamental subtleties, which correlate in a deep way to the subtleties found in language (both spoken and written).

Our brain on music is literally “buzzing” with signals criss-crossing back and forth between the two sides of our brain, training it to more effectively engage the two sides in smarter levels of understanding. In fact, one of the areas in our brain that virtually lights up when playing music is the very center involved in learning math and science!

As shared in an online post from JoyTunes, the creators of the app “Piano Maestro”, learning an instrument trumps acing a new language.

Want your child to qToLearnMusicuickly develop better . . .

  • cognitive reasoning
  • spatial reasoning
  • memory skills
  • linguistic nuances
  • verbal memory
  • self-esteem
  • social skills
  • higher IQ (clinically proven)
  • enlarged central cortex in the brain
  • emotional development
  • higher SAT scores

All musical instruments provide benefits, but starting with piano is absolutely the best and most comprehensive approach to learn how music really works. You are

  • reading the written score
  • training your ear
  • and using all 10 fingers! Both hands! In opposite motion!

No other instrument can claim that.

Get thee to an experienced and passionate piano teacher and watch your child revel in the joys of making music. It’s the gift of a lifetime. 

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