Moderate Tuition

metronomeWeekly 45-minute lessons are $35. Weekly one hour lessons are $45.

Tuition payments are the same every month
September through June.

  • Tuition is a yearly amount, divided into ten equal amounts, payable at the first lesson of the month, September through June.  Based on 40 lessons per year at the rates above.
  • Whether 2, 3, 4, or 5 lessons in a month, tuition amount is always the same.
  • Payments received after the 10th of the month: add a $10 late fee.
  • Lessons missed due to illness or true emergency may be made up on specified “make-up” days (See studio calendar).
  • One make-up per season will be allowed at the teacher’s discretion. More info.
  • Laura assigns the students’ books and/or sheet music as they progress. Music can be paid for at the lesson after it is assigned.
  • A $15 annual Technology Fee is due at Registration.A Recital and Studio fee of $15 per student is payable at the beginning of each season.
    • in September for Fall
    • in January for Winter
    • in April for Spring

This helps cover recital expenses as well as teacher hours devoted to planning, scheduling, monitoring events, and researching individual curriculums. For more details, please see Studio Policies

  • NEW—Group Lessons: These encourage musical collaboration and provide opportunities for informal class coaching, relaxed performances, music games and fun! One week in each piano term (Fall—Winter—Spring) will be group lessons instead of private lessons for that week. Students may choose to attend on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Group lessons will be from 4:45—6:00 pm (75 minutes).

New, simplified payment structure:

10 EQUAL monthly payments, Sept. through June

Based on 40 Lessons per year: Sept. 6th through mid – July

Tuition: Hour lessons $45/week — 45 min. lessons $35/week

Ask how to pay seasonally and save money!

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